Peterborough Conington (EGSF) provides an Air / Ground Radio Service only.

Runway 28/10 is 987M Long, 23M Wide and has both edge and LITAS at each end
Runway 34/16 is unlicensed and condition is not checked

We welcome visiting pilots and their aircraft - PPR is required so that we can ensure that you have the right information before you arrive, and we can tell you of any local changes or relevant information.

Please also remember it is your responsibility to check the official sources - (AIP, Pooleys, Skydemon, AFE Etc), as well as any NOTAMS.

Noise Abatement - please respect our neighbours and ensure that you do not overfly the local villages - Holme and Stilton to the North, Glatton to the West, Conington and Sawtry to the South - see diagram for details

Circuit directions are subject to change, and you will be informed by PPR & Or A/G which circuit is in use
Generally Circuits are as below -

Monday-Friday - 28 L/H, 10 R/H (Circuits to the south) - Thursday evening 28 R/H, 10 L/H till 9pm
Saturday - 28 R/H, 10 L/H
Sunday Morning 09:00-13:00 - 28 R/H, 10 L/H
Sunday Afternoon 13:00-18:00 28 L/H, 10 R/H

If Air Ground does not respond, please make traffic calls as appropriate

Noise Sensitive areas published from Openstreetmap data

noise sensitive